gonna miss the city; gonna miss the people more.

Vermont by Roger Sieber on Flickr.

11 years ago today I had a near fatal wreck. took a dirt bike into a bunch of trees, flat-lined twice and spent over a month in the hospital.
every Easter I’m reminded life is a gift, and it’s one that’s not meant to be hoarded up or stretched thin, but one that is meant to be shared and spread, one that’s deep and rich and full of purpose that goes beyond yourself.
you guys have an opportunity today to step into that greater narrative and experience what Jesus called life to the fullest, life as it was meant to be.
best wishes today, may you guys experience beauty deeply ❤️ by ipratt

by trashhand

At the family farm for Easter! #treasurenw #vscocam #northwestisbest @ashleyolson1 by treasuretrev
happy easter

Kandersteg by Frits van den Dop on Flickr.
happy 4/20 peeps

untitled by Johannes Huwe on Flickr.